Fire Alarm & Detection Systems

Fire Alarm & Detection Systems

Early detection is a critical component of any life safety/fire protection scheme. It is equally critical that the type of fire alarm system designed is best suited for the environment that it is protecting to prevent false alarms or premature component failure as a result of an unsuitable system application. Our certified technicians are highly trained and have worked with many types of fire detection systems. They will be able to help you choose the best system for your home or facility.

Davis-Ulmer: A Trusted Fire Alarm Company

Davis-Ulmer is one of the leading full-service fire alarm companies in the Northeast and provides the latest and most reliable technology available that will detect smoke in its incipient stage to warn occupants of an imminent fire while drastically reducing response time. When a fire or smoke is present, every second counts, having the best fire alarm systems available can save you the valuable seconds you and your loved ones or employees need to get out safely.

From Fire Protection to Security Systems, Davis-Ulmer Has You Covered

We proudly represent a complete line of high-quality manufacturers of addressable and conventional fire alarm systems, as well as air sampling, gas, carbon monoxide, and video alarm detection systems. Our fire alarm system team is factory trained in commercial, industrial, retail and residential applications and can tailor a system to meet your specific needs – including security.

Alarm & Detection Systems We Can Offer:

  • Access Control Systems: A security system that is used to regulate who can enter a building or facility.
  • Nurse Call Systems: A system that is used in hospitals, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities to alert staff when a patient needs assistance.
  • CCTV (camera) systems: A security surveillance system that uses cameras to record videos of a property for monitoring.
  • ADA area of Rescue Intercom: An emergency intercom system that is used for communication between individuals who need help and those who can help them in a fire, medical, or other emergency.
  • Central Station Monitoring: A system that monitors fire alarm systems and alerts the authorities when a fire alarm is activated.

Fire Alarm & Detection Inspections & Service

As a full-service fire protection contractor, Davis-Ulmer not only designs and installs fire alarm systems but also inspects, tests, and services them. We will perform fire alarm inspections and testing in accordance with NFPA standards. If your alarm system breaks down or needs to be repaired, our team can help. We can repair and replace fire alarm systems and parts. We also provide fire alarm monitoring to make sure that your facility is being protected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Contact us today for more information about why Davis Ulmer should be your Fire Alarm Company! Davis-Ulmer has been a full-service fire protection company since 1946 and serves homes and businesses in NY, CT, PA, NH, MA, RI, FL and NJ.

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